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Everything you need to know about ACM Research (ACMR) before investing

ACM Research, Inc is a company that engages in the development, manufacture, and sale of single-wafer wet cleaning equipment.

Is ACM Research worth investing in?

Currently, ACM Research is sitting at $21.01 per share during pre-market hours. ACMR is down -24.96% the past week, -47.49% the past month, and is up +54.15% the past year. The company has a high P/E (price to earnings) ratio at 25.03 with a positive trend line for the past five-years. ACMR has done better than expected in the previous four quarters, showing great consistency. ACM Research has a 104.4% increase in revenues over the past year, showing that they more than doubled their sales during 2017-2018. Over the past five years, the company continues to show positive growth and increase in revenues with analysts rating the stock at a “strong-buy”.

Is this the time to buy shares of ACMR?

With the shares of ACMR still dropping as days go by, the best decision would be to be patient. ACMR has a 52 week high of $51.20 and a low of $12.51. Showing that there is a certainty of gains for an investor interested in purchasing shares of ACM Research. The most promising tactic would be to be patient until COVID-19 gets contained because this is causing a nationwide panic resulting in many stock prices plummeting.

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