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Roche (RHHBY) in Hopes for Cure of COVID-19

How is the stock price of Roche affected by the national pandemic of COVID-19?

Regeneron’s states that there are shipping out as many tests for the coronavirus as possible but are limited on supply. This research healthcare company is doing everything possible to help contain the virus in specific areas to prevent spreading. Roche is up 5.24% today, down -1.75% the past week, down -10.11% the past month, and up 19.98% the past five years. This research and development company has made good contribution to not only the coronavirus but too many other infectious diseases and neurosciences. The national pandemic of COVID-19 is boosting the research healthcare company with every successful involvement in this national panic.

Would RHHBY be a good investment right now?

Roche has a high analyst buy rating at 74% strong buy along with a high P/E ratio (Price to Earnings) ration at 20.32. The stock has a lower dividend yield at 1.96 so would not be ideal for a dividend investor. RHHBY’s stock price is excelling right now due to the coronavirus. Now would be the time to invest in a company that could bring returns to the long term-trader.

March 17, 2020

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