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iBio joins the Alliance of Biosecurity

The biotech company, iBio, announced today they will be joining the alliance of Biosecurity. The Alliance is a a coalition of biopharmaceutical companies and academic partners that ensure to protect public health. All companies in the alliance supports national health security by advocating for public policies and funding that will go towards the rapid development to help create the vaccine for COVID-19. “We are honored to be invited to join the Alliance as we continue to make progress towards developing vaccine candidates for preventing infection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus,” said Tom Isett, Co-Chairman & CEO of iBio. The need for a vaccine grows as quickly as COVID-19 spreads and no company could produce it faster than iBio’s FastPharming facility. “We welcome iBio as the 20th member company of the Alliance at a pivotal time for the industry as it responds to this unprecedented challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Alliance for Biosecurity Chair, Chris Frech.

March 20, 2020

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