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NOVN has a trick up their sleeve that they will soon reveal

NOVN has seen a spike due to the FDA’s reported new study on nitric oxide inhalers as a potential treatment for COVID-19. NOVN reached $0.73 on Friday morning before dipping back down to $.053. This still left the stock at a 53% increase from the previous close and giving holders from past weeks a nice payout. With tons of new investors, many people beg the question: will it continue to rise? By taking a closer look, we can try and answer this with all the information available. On Thursday, the company filed what’s known as a “CT ORDER”. This isn’t a frequently used filing type (so don’t be surprised if you’re not familiar with it). That being said, a company files a CT ORDER for a very specific reason: to keep information secret that would otherwise put it at a competitive disadvantage if revealed. With this in mind and the bio-industry racing to develop a vaccine, you could say they may have a trick up their sleeve that will help them continue to climb in value.

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