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iBio is one of the strongest vaccine plays

iBio was one of the first companies to announce work for fighting COVID-19. iBio teamed up with Chinese company, CC Pharming to develop a viable vaccine for the novel coronavirus. These two companies are likely to become a cornerstone of the COVID-19 space. One of the most important things to look at is the opportunity CC Pharming brings to the iBio table. They will open the doors to the Chinese market and the company is already creditable for creating the vaccine for SARS. This information is important as SARS is a sister strain of COVID-19. However iBio has creditability as well, owner of the FastPharming Facility, this facility was created to fight against pandemics quickly. It was granted money and created in 2010 for the manufacturing of vaccines to fight viruses quickly to slow down the spread. It was created for a situation the world is currently facing. With all of this said, speed is key, so if iBio doesn’t team up with CC Pharming expect to still see them as a key contender in the COVID-19 world.

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