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Astrotech Corporation(ASTC) works on new COVID-19 testing kits

Astrotech Corporation(ASTC)

Astrotech Corporation currently trades at $3.56 and has seen gains of 128% in the past month. Astrotech Corporation has seen an increase in revenue in the past four quarters. Astrotech Corp. to create a device that could quickly test for the COVID-19 virus at drive-thru locations. The company announced it will launch a new subsidiary called BreathTech Corp. to shepherd the product. This makes Astrotech Corporation a great buy because of the huge potential it has in the coronavirus market. Astrotech Corporation’s dividends sit at 0% and has a market cap of $25.71 million. In the past 5 years, the stock has fallen 72%, making the company something to add to your portfolio. Overall, Astrotech Corporation is a stock you want to keep an eye out for. Yesterday the stock closed at $4.05 leaving investors down 13% in the past 24 hours. Astrotech Corporation’s high 1-year forecast is 7.75 with a low of 0.98.

Based on the price ($3.56) and gains over the last month of 128% this stock seems to be a great buy and should be a winner in the next month.

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