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Ford Motors (F) creates “arsenal of health” to cope COVID-19

Ford Motor Company (F) currently trades at $4.24 and has fallen by 2.75% today. Automakers are assisting where they can to produce life-saving respirators, ventilators, and masks to assist those infected by the disease as well as health-care workers on the frontlines. Ford’s COVID-19 efforts are codenamed “Project Apollo,” while General Motors’ is being called “Project V” and “Project M.”. The efforts come nearly 80 years after the Detroit automakers responded to President Franklin Roosevelt’s call to arms during World War II.


Based on this information, investorsQ rates this stock 6 out of 10. We give it this rating based on current information. Ford’s expectations were initially to produce 100,000 face shields a week. That has since grown to 750,000 a week. The work is being done by about 260 paid volunteer Ford workers on two shifts. The high forecast for Ford Motor Company is $12.00 and the low is $3.50. Notably, the company’s market cap is $16.87 billion with a 52 week high of $10.56 and a 52 week low of $3.96.

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