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Bitcoin (BTC) poses as great long term investment

Bitcoin (BTC) currently trades at $6888.47 and has grown by nearly 2% today. Bitcoin has been referred to as “digital gold” to highlight its renowned abilities to hedge risk investment for various financial asset classes in particular stocks. The study’s findings suggest that Bitcoin performed poorly in hedging this extraordinary tail risk in U.S. stocks. Unlike earlier research, the findings suggest that Bitcoin is indeed exposed to (extraordinary) tail risks in other asset classes such as stocks.


Based on this information, investorsQ rates this stock 8 out of 10. We give it this rating based on current information. Bitcoin touts unique features that make the cryptocurrency an attractive long-term investment. The high forecast for Bitcoin is $30,000 and the low is $15,000. Notably, the company’s market cap is $125,680,803,418 with a 52 week high of $13,844.30 and a 52 week low of $3,925.27.

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