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Tether (USDT) has a great price analysis

Tether (USDT) currently trades at $1.00 and has grown by 0.50% today. USDT went grown by $0.02 from the previous closing price of $0.98. The high forecast for Tether is $1.20 and the low is $0.40. The company’s market cap is $6.4 billion with a 52 week high of $1.08 and a 52 week low of $0.00. USDT has changed in price by up 0.25% per share in the last 12 months. Tether transactions mostly take a few minutes to complete, Tether charges no transaction fees for moving funds between Tether wallets, and it is a stable and fast resource to cash out and cash in when there is a difficult situation in the market.   


About Tether:
USDT is a token that attempts to be tied to the US dollar. Ideally, this means that 1 USDT trades on exchanges at a value of exactly US$1.00. Please note that Coinbase does not support USDT — do not send it to your Bitcoin account on Coinbase.

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