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Uber Technologies Inc (UBER) working its hardest to get unemployed gig workers federal stimulus

States are beginning to reopen for business, as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the United States each day. What is being shown to many Americans is that this recovery is going to get better at very different speeds throughout the country.

Uber Technologies Inc. (UBER) is currently up 1.93% in the pre-market, trading at $27.74 from the previous price at $27.55. The high forecast is for UBER is a $60.00 high and a low estimate of $15.00. The companies market cap is $46.97 billion with a 52 week high of $47.08 and a 52 week low of $13.71. Uber has changed in price by -38.69% (-$17.41).


How is the healthiness of Uber Technologies Inc. (UBER)?

Previously, on Tuesday, Uber launched a new website to drivers during this unemployment crisis. Many self-employed gig workers do not get the essential benefits most full-time employees receive. Therefore, the number of people labeled self-employed are still wanting to receive jobless pay provided under a U.S coronavirus response bill.

Uber’s website gives individuals the opportunity to look up each state’s application requirements, directs them to tax form downloads, and gives access to an online filing system. This website is going to continue to be tampered with by the hands of Uber as many states still do not have a relief system for the unemployed gig workers.


What continues to be a problem even after the assistance of the website provided by Uber? Many individuals under Uber’s employment along with other high workers are not able to meet the requirement provided by the government relief stimulus-response.

With the U.S employment system being at a record 22 million seeking unemployment benefits, many agencies and labor departments are getting backed up.

Amongst the U.S suffering in a demand craving roller coaster of a ride due to the coronavirus outbreak, many Americans are coming together trying to make way for a safer living. During this time, the crisis has highlighted the vulnerability of self-employed workers along with millions of other workers in the U.S employment system.

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