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T2 Biosystems (TTOO) jumps Monday

What’s up with T2 Biosystems?

T2 Biosystems (TTOO) opened at $0.54, which means the stock is up 10.00% from yesterday’s closing price of 0.54. Today, the company has a high of $0.60 and a low of $0.52. The company has a market cap of $70.12 million with a 52-week high of $3.21 and a 52-week low of $0.24.


What about the future for T2 Biosystems?

The high forecast for T2 Biosystems is 5.00 while the low is 1.00. Stock forecasts are based on human experience: Human traders based on their experience in terms of stock price patterns, volume changes, and market news/rumors regarding a particular stock. T2 Biosystems has a strong forecast. A strong forecast is a result of strong earning reports as investors are willing to pay a higher share price today because of growth expectations in the future.. Based on this information TTOO seems to be a safe buy.

About T2 Biosystems
T2 Biosystems, Inc. engages in the development of proprietary technology platform. It offers the T2 Magnetic Resonance technology, which enables rapid detection of pathogens, biomarkers and other abnormalities in a variety of unpurified patient sample types. It products include T2Bacteria Panel, T2Candida Panel, T2Dx Instrument, AND T2MR Technology. The company was founded by Michael J. Cima, Robert S. Langer Jr., Tyler Jacks, Lee Josephson, W. David Lee, and Ralph Weissleder on April 27, 2006 and is headquartered in Lexington, MA.

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